Our Dentists have years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of both adults and children

At Sunraysia Orthodontics & Dental, we strive to provide treatment in a comfortable setting for patients of all ages.

Our service is personalised with a focus on patient management that is individualised.

Our mission is to promote the importance of achieving good oral health to the community through education and treatment. We understand that aside from having a functional and healthy mouth, the look of your teeth can influence your confidence and self-esteem. We are not only devoted to keeping your mouth healthy but also looking great. Our small team of qualified staff are ready to help with any of your dental requirements.  Our friendly staff are at hand to answer your queries and sort out any issues that may arise.

Infection control standards

In order to provide you with the best possible care, while minimising the risk of spreading infections, we adhere to the current infection control standards and guidelines as set by the Dental Board of Australia, the Australian Dental Association and various other bodies.

For more information on these guidelines click here.

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