A filling is used to restore your tooth and prevent further damage

Fillings are used to correct the damage of a tooth or future damage caused by decay or cavities. Getting a filling from the dentist is very common and both children and adults are likely to have a filling in their lifetime. Fillings are made from various materials and can be put inside the cavity of your tooth or around the outside.

Your dentist will first remove the current decay on your tooth and clean the area. The cavity is then filled with the filling material.  Depending on the extent of your repair, your dentist will decide on what filling option is best for you. The purpose of a filling is to rebuild the structure of your tooth so it can continue to perform. This is especially important with your back molars as they need to be strong for chewing food. Fillings used to fill cavities may also stop further damage from occurring. Your dentist will notice that you need a filling when you make an appointment for a checkup. This may involve the dentist taking an x-ray of your mouth.

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