Your child deserves the best start to great dental health

Giving your child the best possible start to great dental health begins with healthy and straight teeth. Assessing your child’s bite at an early age can help them avoid complex orthodontic needs later on. There are many benefits of early orthodontic treatment for children. We recommend that you bring your child in for an assessment when they are 8 – 10 years old.  This appointment allows the dentist to examine your child existing and incoming teeth. They can then identify any developing malocclusion, also known as “bad bite” or other problems such as crowding, deep bites, crossbites and open bites. Early detection can save you future costs to correct issues and early treatment can prevent physical trauma to the protruding front teeth and reduce emotional distress if teasing is occurring. Problems such as overcrowded teeth can also prevent good oral health in children. Our qualified dentists have years of experience in diagnosing and the treatment of children.

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